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We As Listing Agents...

With a stellar record of selling over 200 properties, totaling $250+ million in transactions, we are your ultimate partner for maximizing your home's value. Our unique one-stop service covers repairs, cleaning, and staging, ensuring your property stands out and sells for a premium price. Trust our expert team to navigate the Bay Area market, delivering exceptional results while providing a hassle-free selling experience. Sell with confidence, sell with Axis Investment.

Track Records

Since 2019, we have sold 200+ houses for clients...

Track Records

Successful Stories

Most Houses We Sold Are 10%+ Higher Than COMPS...

Successful Stories

One-stop Service

Efficient work

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Beautiful Examples

Beautiful Examples

Professional Listing Team

The Secret of Selling Houses Fast at High Prices

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Work Flow

Sell Houses With Us!

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Featured Listings


Trailblazer Village

Located southwest of Campbell, California, Trailblazer Village consists of six newly-constructed single-family homes. The city is recognized for its numerous parks, natural surroundings, and energetic neighborhood. Trailblazer Village is only five miles from Campbell’s downtown and popular shopping areas, and it is nine miles from downtown San Jose. 

Lot 3 SOLD.jpg

861 Connie Ln

The Sun Terrace community of 10 new single-family home developments is a beacon of innovation and architectural excellence. Located in the golden location of San Jose, California. The area is known for its scenic views of the nearby Santa Teresa foothills and convenient access to parks, shopping centers, and restaurants. The location also offers easy access to major freeways, including the 85 and 87, making it a popular choice for commuters. 

861 Connie Ln
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